The Amazing Atheist, real name TJ Kirk, is a YouTube atheist individual and the arch-enemy of Brett Keane. He ascended to the position of Grand High Priest of Atheism in 2006. The Amazing Atheist is well known across the Christian and Atheist community situations for scamming his audience, being a staunch anti-feminist individual, and shoving a banana up his ass. Brett regularly makes videos about TJ, refuting his arguments.

Gman Drama Shanny ForChrist Evicting Him!!!

Gman Drama Shanny ForChrist Evicting Him!!!

History Edit

TJ was originally inspired to create his Amazing Atheist channel after watching Brett's videos. However, TJ later chased Brett out of the community by sending vote-bots to down-vote Brett's videos. This caused Brett to see the light and become a Christian individual.

TJ later founded a podcast called the Drunken Peasants where he regularly steals Brett's videos, makes fun of him, and sends his army of atheist indivijuls to dislike Brett's videos. This temporarily forced Brett to disable ratings on many of his videos.


  • His father was a scammer who gave out fake diploma situations. Therefore, TJ is a scammer as well.
  • As a 12 year old, he was able to run a multi-million dollar scam.
  • Once raped a class mate, and I'm not saying this or making this up. Heard it from my plant situation, I mean indivijual I paid to do it, I mean some random guy who came into my hangout
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