FakeSagan is a former atheist YouTuber who has been friends with Brett Keane for almost the entire duration of their YouTube careers. Despite having different religious views, the two have always been respectful of each other. In early 2016, FakeSagan converted to Christianity.

Gun Incident Edit

Back when Free Speech Vids was in the works, TJ, FakeSagan, Galen, Holly, and Ocean (FakeSagan's girlfriend at the time,) did a livestream on to raise money for it. After shots of EverClear and other drinks, FakeSagan's and TJ's true colors were revealed. In full-on money whore mode, TJ berated anyone who donated under $5 , while FakeSagan proceeded to go on drunken ramblings telling people to give them money, even going as far as threatening to shoot himself in the head live on stream if $150 wasn't donated.

He even made out with TJ during it. He then proceeded to threaten everybody at gun point, and even at one point tried to pick a fight with TJ because he coughed during FakeSagan's money whore-infused sob story. He later cut himself and almost fainted. For the rest of the stream, they tried to get an ambulance for him. They were banned from while streaming after these incidents occurred. They discussed the debacle on Private Show #1.

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