The Drunken Peasants is an Internet podcast situation hosted by The Amazing Atheist and several other evil Atheist indivijuls.

They're podcast is just them getting stoned and stealing Brett's video situations so they can mock them and send their fan individuals to go dislike them.

Hosts Edit

  • TJ Kirk/The Amazing Atheist: The High Priest of Atheism and the one who particularly partakes in attacking Brett Keane's family the most.
  • Ben: TJ's tech bitch who wears a mask because he's too pussy to show his face. He has recently challenged Brett to a fight.
  • Scotty Kirk: The Amazing Atheist's younger brother who mainly serves to provide eye candy for the viewers.
  • PaulsEgo: Another YouTuber who Brett has had a history with. Aside from The Amazing Atheist, Paul makes fun of Brett the most.
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