You got to work the shaft, not gum it.
~ Dorn to Brett while he practiced his world famous gumjob.

Dawn Keane, also known as "Dorn" by Brett, is Brett Keane's beautiful wife individual.

Evil Atheists have spread false rumors that Brett beats Dorn, but Brett has stated that these are all lie situations.

Not much is not presently known about this particular individual. Her face hasn't been seen on camera in recent years. Probably due to the amount of bruising she has received from the hands of her husband. From what keaneiolgists around the world have discovered is quite shocking. She, like her husband, is a scumfuck.

From what we do researchers found is that she is a world renown cook. After all it has to be hard to keep feeding Brett through his pig trough every thirty minutes. Her most famous situation happened when she made Brett some chili. It was not on par with her other food like the Wendy's dollar menu and mac and cheese. Much to Brett's' dismay the chili was not sprinkled with cheese. Oh the fucking horror. Later that evening Brett held a kangaroo court where she was promptly beaten again.

Some individuals out there may not know this about Dorn, but she is a transgender situation. She or rather he now, was originally born Dominic. His father called the DP Pokemon Hotline and confirmed this. When Dominic had the surgery, he chose to keep his dick to confuse men. Brett doesn't seem to mind because he practices his gum-job abilities on her dick.

Trivia: Edit

  • She grew up by a fucking airport. Yippee fucking doo.
  • Is Festus, Missouri's meteorologist.
  • Knows the back side of Brett's hand so well, she has named the lines in his nub.
  • Paulsego and her talked on the phone once. In which Paul reported that she sounded like a ghoul from the Fallout series. Gottta lay off the cigarettes kiddies or else you'll sound like this swamp hag.
  • Her dick is the only known Pokestop in the Festus area.
  • She once said she wants to "Ride Paulsego like a sybian."
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